Biological/Holistic Dentistry

Biological/Holistic Dentistry

The Holistic Dental Association defines this field as: “an approach to Dentistry that promotes health and wellness instead of just the treatment of disease. This approach to Dentistry encompasses both modern science and knowledge drawn from the worlds great traditions on natural healing. Holistic Dentistry acknowledges and deals with the mind, body, and spirit of the patient, not just his or her “Teeth”. Following these basic principles:

  • Proper nutrition for the prevention and reversal of degenerative dental disease
  • Avoidance and elimination of toxins from dental materials
  • Prevention and treatment of dental malocclusion (bite problems)
  • Prevention and treatment of gum disease at its biological basis

My background as a Registered Nurse and a lifelong student of Ayurvedic medicine has helped me develop a unique approach to my dental philosophy. All new patient exams last about one hour. I spend most of that time understanding your dietary and lifestyle behaviors, formulating a plan to treat active disease, and prevent future problems.

I have a saying I developed over the years, “The truth is in the tooth”. I can tell a lot about you and your diet based on what I see during my clinical exam. I then teach you the basis of my understanding using digital images of your X-rays and teeth. By the time, you leave my office you will be more educated than most of the world on dental diseases and dysfunctions.

Unfortunately, a common thought is, “bad teeth run in my family”. There are few genetic diseases that can cause enamel defects, but it is very rare. Diet is what impacts oral health the most. Patients can take a more active role in their dental health when they understand the importance of their dietary and lifestyle choices. Did you know that the most common disease in the world is tooth decay? It affects 95% of all humans.

The google definition of disease is:a disorder of structure or function, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury”. My definition is a bit simpler. Dis-ease. As in, not in ease, not in harmony. My goal and wish is to get you back into “ease”, into a harmony. Using state-of-the-art technology, dietary and behavior modifications, and ongoing preventative measures, “ease” will be the gift that will keep on giving!

Please read my website blog postings, where I’ll be covering the most common topics of concern. For specific questions, feel free to email us at I look forward to helping you achieve a healthy and harmonious smile!


Dr. Trivedi