Oral Health Care in Children – Dentist in Austin

Kids need professional dental care as much as adults do, and maybe more, in some cases. The very first tooth, the central incisor, appears in the oral cavity when the child is 6 months old. And this is when you need to take your child to a dentist in Austin to make sure the growth of teeth is not disturbed. The eruption can be a painful process for your toddler and a dentist in Austin can make it less painful by suggesting you medicines for the baby and home remedies.

There are a number of conditions, including congenital diseases that can affect the primary dentition in a number of different ways. The most common problem, however, is that of cavities in primary teeth because young children are unable to properly clean their teeth and frequently indulge themselves in snacking.

At Honest Family Dental, Dr Trivedi understands why kids are usually scared of dentist in Austin and avoid visiting Dr. Trivedi at Honest Family Dental for routine checkups. The intimidating environment of a typical dental clinic scares children, forcing them to hide dental problems until it is too late.

Dr. Trivedi understands children well and will take all necessary steps to make your baby feel comfortable. Honest Family Dental has a separate room designed specifically for young kids, that looks and feels nothing like a typical dental examination room. Kids are free to play, discuss their problems and have their oral cavity examined without being frightened. Dr. Trivedi is a family dentist in Austin and knows how to treat children. He encourages patients to bring their children to the dental office at as early as six months of age for regular checkups and cleanings. Some of the treatments that are reserved for young kids include:

  • Extractions of teeth that cannot be restored
  • Pulpotomy (deep fillings when the caries has reaching pulp level)
  • Early orthodontic intervention and appliances if needed
  • Oral hygiene education and instructions
  • Dental Sealants
  • Complimentary Nitrous (laughing gas)

Children are taught how to brush their teeth properly and are also educated about cavity-causing foods that can cause cavities. Dr. Trivedi is a firm believer of ‘Prevention is the key to a healthy mouth’ particularly when it comes to kids. If your child is used to visiting a dentist at an early age, he or she will not have dental fear that a huge number of dental patients in Austin suffer from. Plus, being careful from a young age will also ensure healthy teeth when your baby grows up.

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