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Invisalign Express – Am I a Candidate?

Invisalign Invisible Braces

Properly aligned teeth contribute to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, and can help prevent more serious health problems from arising.

invisalign invisible braces

Am I a Candidate?

Take a few moments to look at these examples of the cases commonly addressed with Invisalign invisible braces. If one closely matches your own smile, you may be a good candidate!


invisalign braces
Too much space between teeth. An esthetic problem that can also compromise the effectiveness of chewing.


invisalign invisible braces
Not enough spacing between teeth; teeth overlap. Can make it hard to brush and floss, thus leading to tooth decay and gum disease.


invisalign braces
Teeth are turned clockwise or counterclockwise. Can make proper oral hygiene difficult and may lead to tooth decay.

Midline Discrepancy

invisalign braces
Teeth off center; center of upper and lower teeth are not aligned. Can be an indication of improper bite, which may lead to pain and further issues.


invisalign braces
Teeth tip outward or inward; teeth tilt at an angle, or lean forward or backward. Can cause other teeth to shift, creating crowding (see above) and an improper bite.