Various methods of sedation are used in dental offices to ensure painless, anxiety/stress-free procedures for patients. Most practices around the world, including the Honest Family Dental offer nitrous oxide and oral sedation based on the nature of the procedure being performed.

Prior to administering any form of anesthesia, a complete medical history is taken to assess whether the required dosage is safe for the patient.

Oral Sedation

oral sedationOral sedation is achieved in patients via drugs that induce the required effects of anesthesia before a dental procedure. This form of sedation is ideal for patients that experience high anxiety and stress levels at the dental office. Oral sedation drugs can be given in combination with inhalation or intravenous anesthesia as well, if the procedure requires it. Oral sedatives can also be used safely in children who feel intimidated by the clinical environment. These drugs, when given in controlled, calculated doses, are safe and effective in anxiety control as well as pain management.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

nitrous oxideNitrous oxide is popularly known as laughing gas, and is used in medical and dental anesthesiology frequently across the globe. Ideal for dental procedures that can be completed within a short duration, nitrous oxide when inhaled through a tube/face mask connected to a cylinder, induced analgesic effects. Like oral sedative agents, nitrous oxide gas also ensures a comfortable, anxiety-free and painless procedure till the end. The rapid action of the gas induces the desired analgesic effects within 25 seconds or less. Depending upon the age, weight and medical history of the patient, the amount of gas administered can be manually controlled to avoid overdose. It is the ideal form of sedation for patients who have a phobia of needles. Apart from excellent analgesic and anesthetic effects, nitrous oxide also induces a feeling of euphoria that makes the dental procedure a pleasant one for the patient as well as the dentist.

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