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Sparkling water – the hidden danger - Honest Family Dental

Sparkling water – The hidden danger

Soda, flavored sparkling waters, and fizzy water are popular choices to quench thirst. An ice cold glass of these beverages is enjoyable on a hot day, and all year long. But are these beverages safe for your teeth or are … Continue reading

The top 10 foods that are secretly destroying your teeth - Honest Family Dental

The Top 10 Foods That Are Secretly Destroying Your Teeth

We all enjoy eating a variety of foods, but did you know some of your favorite foods may be secretly destroying your teeth? Foods high in sugar promote bacterial growth which can contribute to cavities and gum disease. Also foods … Continue reading

The Impact Of Nutrition On Dental Health - Honest Family Dental

The Impact of Nutrition on Dental Health

You know to be healthy you must eat right, but did you know nutrition has a direct impact on your dental health? A well balanced diet is important for your overall health, and it can help to prevent cavities and … Continue reading