Composite Resin Fillings

Composite Resin Fillings in Austin

Composite resin is a dental material used for restoring teeth that have been affected by caries (cavities). At Honest Family Dental, Dr. Trivedi offers beautiful tooth restorations with composite resin material that are durable and aesthetically pleasing. According to Dr. Trivedi, it is important to visit the dentist the moment a cavity is detected. Cavity causing bacteria are present in the mouth naturally but do not act on the teeth unless the intra-oral conditions are favorable. Favorable conditions for bacteria include an acidic pH, improper oral hygiene, and excessive consumption of sticky, carbohydrate laden food substances. Caries initially is seen as a chalky imperfection, which later spreads to a wider portion of the tooth and may become brown or black.


Composite Resin Fillings

Advantages of Composite Resin Fillings

Fillings have several advantages. Composite fillings have advantages over gold and other fillings too,including aesthetic advantages.

  • Offer excellent aesthetic properties as the material matching the color of the natural teeth
  • Are rather technique sensitive as compared to amalgam
  • Is an excellent material for restoring anterior teeth in particular
  • Composite resin is compatible with the oral environment
  • Have a long-life and can remain good for up to 15 years with proper care

The Procedure

Getting fillings in Austin is now easier than ever thanks to sedatives. The dentist will first numb the area with the help of anesthesia. Next, the dentist will either use a laser or a drill to carefully remove the decayed part.

Next, Dr. Trivedi will check to make sure all the decay has been removed. It may be a bit difficult to see it with naked eyes so instruments may be used. Once all the decay has been fully removed, Dr. Trivedi will eradicate all debris and clean the cavity to make space for composite filling. In case the decay is too close to the root, Dr. Trivedi may take the necessary steps to protect the nerve by putting a linear layer. However, this is not required in all of the cases. Next, the dentist will place the tooth colored filling in layers and then use a special light to harden all these layers and then polish the filling to give it a neat look. The polishing includes trimming off excess material to give the tooth or filling its desired look.

Cost of Composite Resin Fillings

The cost of fillings in Austin depends on a number of things including the material used for filling. You have many options to pick from including gold and silver, but tooth colored filling is the most affordable one and is also available at almost every dental practice in Austin. The average cost of fillings in Austin is between $175-$250, visit us to get an exact quote. Most insurance companies cover the cost of composite fillings in Austin. Our staff will work with you to make the finances easier and get in touch with insurance companies.

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