If you want to have healthy teeth you need to keep the continuous dental care factor in mind. Just like a machine, our teeth require regular maintenance as well. continuous dental careDentists in Austin recommend visiting a professional at least twice a year (every six months) to ensure safety. The risk increases if you already have dental issues. In some cases you may be required to visit even more to ensure that your teeth are healthy. This is especially true in case you have gone under a dental treatment, say got your tooth extracted and a new tooth placed. The dentist would ask you to visit regularly to ensure that your bite, speech is correct because continuous dental care is a must.

Adult and Child Cleanings

At Honest Family Dental, Dr. Trivedi believes that prevention is indeed better than cure. Our practice is fully equipped for prophylactic care and treatment for patients who are more prone to developing caries. Molars are more susceptible to cavities owing to their structure and morphology. As part of prophylactic treatment, Dr. Trivedi encourages patients to get dental sealants and preventive resin restorations. This helps in the process of continuous dental care.

Dental sealants for kids offer an ideal approach for caries prevention especially when children are unable to maintain ideal oral hygiene themselves.
Preventive resin Restorations for adults act the same way, protecting teeth from bacterial attacks for years and years at a stretch.

General Examinations

At Honest Family Dental, the team doesn’t only pay attention to the tooth that hurts, but conducts a complete, thorough examination of the whole oral cavity as part of routine practice. General examinations include assessment of gum health, pocketing and probing of teeth to check for minor cavities. Patients are welcome to ask questions about their oral health and hygiene maintenance. The highest standards in hygiene and quality are maintained at all times.

Digital X-rays

X-rays make life easier for dentists and patients. At Honest Family Dental in Austin is equipped with the finest quality X-ray machines for the convenience of patients. Specialized hand-held X-ray cameras are also available for use during endodontic surgeries and for patients concerned about exposure to high levels of radiation. Special shields are available for pregnant women to ensure the least amount of x-ray exposure to any other part of the body except the mouth. We also use NoMad Digital handheld x-rays: “NOMAD is designed with safety in mind. A unique, external backscatter shield and internal radiation shielding protect the operator from radiation exposure. In fact, the exposure from using NOMAD is orders of magnitude is less than 1% of the allowed occupational doses. NOMAD is safe!”

Patients are usually requested to get x-rays done when the dentists wishes to evaluate the extent of a carious lesion, source of infection, or location of a broken root/impacted tooth or retained deciduous tooth causing problems.

Being careful will help you stay healthy. It is important to take care of your teeth if you want to stay away from health issues. So get in touch with Dr. Trivedi at Honest Dental Care now. He is one of the best dentists in Austin, TX, and knows his job well. You can reach Dr. Trivedi by calling (512) 968-7857 or getting an appointment online.