About Dental Bridges in Austin

Dental bridges and crowns are also termed as fixed prosthesis in dentistry. Bridges offer an excellent means of replacing missing teeth in the mouth. It is important to know about the ins and outs of Dental Bridges in Austin.

dental bridges in AustinPatients can lose teeth due to a number of reasons including periodontal disease, improper hygiene, extractions when the lesions have progressed onto a stage where they cannot be restored, trauma and vertical fractures. Bridges can be fabricated using a variety of materials based on patient’s preference and nature of the case. They can be used to replace either one missing tooth or multiple teeth in the arch.

The Dental Bridges Procedure

At Honest Family Dental, bridge placement requires 2-3 sittings for the procedure to be completed. During the first appointment, tooth preparation is done whereby the abutment teeth (natural teeth that support the bridge from either one or both sides) are trimmed slightly from all surfaces to ensure proper seating of the bridge. An impression is then taken to record the fine details of the tooth that requires replacement. If the patient opts for porcelain fused to metal bridge, the tooth shade is taken in order to make the final bridge match the natural dentition. The impression is then sent to a dental laboratory for the fabrication of the bridge.

During the second appointment, a trial of the newly fabricated bridge is conducted to check the seating and size of the prosthesis. Once finalized, the bridge is polished and then cemented.

Dr. Trivedi recommends that the patient visits again after a few days/weeks to make sure the bridge is working perfectly.

Advantages of Dental Bridges in Austin

Anyone with a missing teeth can be a candidate for dental bridges in Austin. While there are other alternatives too, bridges are among the most affordable solutions for missing teeth. Some other advantages of dental bridges include:

  • They give you a better smile
  • They help improve your chewing and speaking abilities
  • They help maintain the shape of your face
  • They help improve your bite and make eating more fun and delicious
  • They prevent your other teeth from moving out of position and make your jaw secure
  • They are affordable with a life of up to 15 years with proper care

Cost of Dental Bridges

The cost of dental bridge in Austin is less than some of the other states. Dental bridges  in Austin typically cost between $1000-$2200, but this largely depends on the nature of dental bridges (two unit, three unit etc.). Visit Honest Family Dental and speak to Dr. Trivedi to get an exact estimate.

Dr. Trivedi provides professional consultation prior to the procedure in order to analyze whether the patient is a good candidate for bridge placement on the basis of medical history and oral hygiene.

*Although dental bridges used to be a good option to replace missing teeth, Dr. Trivedi no longer recommends or performs the preparation of dental bridges. Instead, Dr. Trivedi recommends the placement of dental implants instead. Read more about Dental Implants here.

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