About Dental Extractions in Austin

extractions in AustinIn dentistry, extraction means the removal of a single or multiple teeth from the oral cavity. There are a number of procedures that can be used to restore a damaged tooth, however, in certain cases, the extent of damage is beyond any restoration and therefore the tooth has to be extracted. There are two main types of extractions based on the technique used; these are simple extractions and surgical extractions in Austin.

Indications for Tooth Extraction

Following are some of the prominent indications for extractions in dentistry:

  • Carious damage that cannot be restored by filling or root canal treatments
  • Vertical fracture of the tooth; this may result from direct trauma to the teeth
  • Retained deciduous dentition (milk teeth)
  • Supernumerary or extra teeth present in the arches as a congenital defect
  • Progressive periodontal disease resulting in class 2 or 3 mobility of the teeth
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Space gaining methods in orthodontics

Extractions in Austin

Extractions are done usually when the dentist needs to acquire access to a broken root in the gums, or there is an impacted tooth which has not erupted into the arch. Local anesthesia is first injected into the local area, the tooth is then removed from the socket using the instrument of choice and then a pressure pack is placed to achieve hemostasis (or to stop bleeding).

Extractions are performed using instruments such as forceps and elevators. Sometimes but not in all cases extractions can involve the use of other complex instruments. Once the tooth has been removed from the arch surgically, sutures or stitches are given at the extraction site to promote better healing. We also sometimes place a collagen plug in the socket after we extract the tooth. The collagen plug is safely absorbed by the body and also allows for faster healing and reduces the opportunity for dry socket.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Austin

Third molars, commonly known as the wisdom teeth are the last to erupt in the arches. An adult normally has 4 wisdom teeth, two in each arch. Because of the lack of space, these teeth are frequently impacted. Impactions can be quite painful and can cause gum swelling, tenderness and even damage to the adjacent teeth. Dr Trivedi is skilled in Oral Surgery and manages the removal of teeth from the arches most professionally and efficiently relieving the patients of their pain and discomfort.

Reasons and Advantages of Tooth Extraction in Austin

There are several advantages of tooth extraction. Firstly, at times extracting a tooth becomes a necessity in order to perform a dental procedure. However, in addition to this, decayed or incorrectly growing tooth or teeth can also cause health issues and pain, which at times can be too excruciating to bear, leaving no option but to get the troubling tooth or teeth extracted.

Cost of Extraction in Austin

The cost of extraction in Austin depends on a number of factors including the quantity and nature of tooth/teeth to be extracted. Extracting a regular tooth can cost anywhere between $100-$250. In the case of wisdom tooth, the average cost is also same. However, if the tooth is impacted the cost may go as high as $600. In case you need all four wisdom teeth extracted the cost will lie between $1,000-$3,000. Get in touch with Dr. Trivedi at Honest Family Dental in Texas to get an exact estimate.

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