“Painless Dentistry” sounds like an oxymoron, right?  If you ask your average dentist, they would agree.  Years ago, when I heard about it, I too was dismissive.  Though, after researching it, I found out this type of dentistry, is not only possible, but far exceeds, the current, standards of practice.  Its called laser dentistry.  Basically, it uses focused light energy to treat all types of dental diseases.  The laser I use, is called the Waterlase iPlus.

Imagine getting fillings done, painlessly, without a shot.  No hours of numb tongue, stroke face, drooling, or speech impediments.  Imagine having TMJ pain significantly reduced in 90seconds.  Imagine removing cavity-causing bacteria from your tooth before it can turn into a cavity, requiring a filling.  This mind-blowing reality is now available to all my patients.

Please watch the below video: What’s the deal with Painless Dentistry