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Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know about Teeth Whitening

A bright and attractive smile is not possible if your pearly whites have clearly visible, ghastly-
looking stains. If this is the case, then it’s high-time for you to undergo a professional or take home teeth whitening treatment. Before you do though, consider these facts:

  1. Whitening is commonly done by carefully applying a controlled concentration of bleach to your teeth using bespoke trays, according to the size of your mouth.
  2. If carried out by a trained dental professional, whitening is safe with no side effects. At the end of the procedure, the dentist will show you before/after shots so you can clearly judge how effective the treatment was.
  3. Don’t rely on over-the-counter kits which include mostly teeth whitening products that can be bought online or from high street shops. It’s difficult to assess their safety without consulting a professional dentist first, so it is best to err on the side of caution
  4. Your teeth can be whitened up to 10 shades brighter, depending on the severity of stains and how healthy your teeth are. For instance, perfectly healthy teeth can be restored completely to their ‘original look’, which can’t be said for teeth that aren’t in good shape to begin with.
  5. If you’re on the lookout for finding ways to improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence, then teeth whitening is one of the cheapest ways to accomplish that.
  6. Teeth whitening doesn’t require the removal of any healthy tissue during the process.
  7. Do not mix up teeth whitening with cleaning; there is a fine line between both treatments. At times, our teeth take a yellowish tint due to the accumulation of deposits and superficial stains. One can easily get rid of these by undergoing dental cleaning or scaling.
  8. Your desired results can be achieved real quick thanks to latest technology, however at home treatment usually takes time before results begin to appear.
  9. Teeth whitening does not provide permanent results. The effect may last between a year or three depending on your post-treatment care.
  10. After getting your pearly whites back, you need to limit the intake of beverage that cause staining like tea, coffee or red wine. You are also required to give up smoking and chewing tobacco if you want the whitening effect to last long.
  11. You may not be an ideal candidate for teeth whitening if you currently suffer from dental health issues like cavities, gum disease or hypersensitivity.
  12. If you have had gray-looking teeth since childhood due to a prolonged tetracycline administration, bleaching won’t work for you.
  13. For a short span of time after the teeth whitening treatment, you may experience some sensitivity, which soon fades away.
  14. According to a recent study by independent researchers, candidates were more likely to get appointed for jobs with larger salary offers after their teeth had been whitened.
  15. The cost of take home whitening kits largely depends on the condition of your teeth, and may be as low as $60 in some cases. Speak to Dr. Amit Trivedi in Austin today to get an estimate.

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