Honest Family Dental

About Us

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Why Choose Honest Family Dental?

Honesty is the best policy

Early in my career, I found patients to be, generally, distrustful of dentists. The reason? Most dentists don’t listen too or take the time to educate their patients. Education, honesty, and compassion are what guides my practice.

You want the best tech and skills

I’ve been called the “Tesla of Dentists” because I use the most advanced technology available. From lasers to fiberglass reinforced fillings to ceramic implants, rest assured I will always be at the forefront of Dental care.

You seek an “Integrative Dentist”

My core philosophy leverages your body’s natural ability to heal itself. By balancing your oral microbiome, providing enamel remineralization and biomimetic dental treatments, I achieve incredible, long lasting, results.

Dr. Ameet Trivedi, DDS

Despite, what everyone thinks, I didn’t dream of fixing teeth as a kid. Actually, I wanted to be an airline pilot. Though, as I got older, I found the medical sciences more interesting. After getting my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, I worked for 6 years, in a busy Chicago emergency room. Although this was a rewarding career choice, I found my true calling was yet to come.

Dentistry is the only field in which I could combine my altruistic nature with my artistic and mechanical skills. Using amazing technology, I help my patients achieve and maintain beautiful smiles. I get a true sense of pride knowing my work helps you eat, express your happiness, and live a healthy life.

Very few people love their jobs, and even less have a job they are passionate about. Thankfully, I have both. My love and passion come through in the quality of my work and the relationships I foster with my patients and staff.

You can catch me running, biking, or kayaking on Lady Bird Lake. I love cooking/eating all types of food and traveling (32 countries visited so far!). Also, I make it a point to meet a local dentist in whatever country I’m in. It’s amazing what pearls of wisdom you can learn from other people and cultures.

A quote I live by is: “Life isn’t a problem to be solved, it’s a mystery to be lived.”

Dr. Hamza Gaj

Where do I even start? So many fun facts! I was born in Livingstone, Zambia, a small city in Southern Africa where I lived until I was about 7. I then moved to Houston where I spent most of my adolescent years before attending the University of Texas in Austin where I got my bachelors degree in psychology with a business foundations minor. I went to graduate school for one year before applying and being accepted at Midwestern University in Chicago.

I’ve always gravitated towards art and science since I was in high school. During that time I was lucky enough to shadow a dentist where I developed a deeper understanding artistry and attention to detail. It was something that really drew me in. Dentistry is the perfect blend of art, technology and science, which align perfectly with my hobbies and passions. The field of dentistry also allowed me to improve people’s lives and give them a deeper confidence in themselves. I love the challenge of breaking the stereotypes of being a “scary” dentist and helping reshape people’s perspectives of who I am and how enjoyable a dental experience can be. I will always provide my patients with complete transparency and honesty even if they may not always be what my patients want to hear. Developing meaningful long lasting relationships with my patients is at the forefront of my values and I will always be grateful to be in a profession where I can provide the absolute best care for them when in need of it.

My time outside of the dental office is spent doing a multitude of things. I love spending timewith my nephews and nieces while also dedicating time aside to travel as often as possible. I dabble in photography and other side hobbies such as running my own podcast channel and creating digital other various digital content (@mogaj). I used to work at Apple as a genius so tech and gadgets have always been a big hobby of mine. If you ever want to talk about movies, music and all things pop culture, I’m also your guy as that is a major part of my personality.