Honest Family Dental

The Truth Is In The Tooth.

We help people achieve optimal oral health with minimally invasive and integrative methods.

Why Choose Honest Family Dental?

Honesty is the best policy

Early in my career, I found patients to be, generally, distrustful of dentists. The reason? Most dentists don’t listen to or take the time to educate their patients. Education, honesty, and compassion are what guides my practice.

You want the best tech and skills

I’ve been called the “Tesla of Dentists” because I use the most advanced technology available. From lasers to fiberglass reinforced fillings to ceramic implants, rest assured I will always be at the forefront of Dental care.

You seek an “Integrative Dentist”

My core philosophy leverages your body’s natural ability to heal itself. By balancing your oral microbiome, providing enamel remineralization and biomimetic dental treatments, I achieve incredible, long lasting, results.