Honest Family Dental


Did you know that clear aligner therapy has many more amazing benefits than to just straighten out your smile?  The primary reason I recommend this treatment is to balance out your bite.  Your bite is determined by how your teeth come together.

The ideal arrangement is when all the teeth exert equal forces upon each other. When your teeth aren’t in the correct arrangement, either by crowding or spaces, forces become unbalanced.  This imbalance causes the following issues:

  1. Gum recession
  2. Chipped teeth
  3. TMJ problems       
  4. Sensitive teeth
  5. Bone loss

During your initial comprehensive exam, we use a 3D scanner to show you exactly where the imbalances are.  I can then determine if aligners will benefit your case or if other options may help instead. 

If aligner treatment is right for you, we have the latest technology that allows you to achieve a beautiful smile by ONLY wearing your aligners at night. This way you can be free of your aligners and eat, drink and talk during the day!