Dr. Ameet Trivedi, DDS

Dr. TrivediWhy Did I Become a Dentist?

Helping people has always been my passion, When I was young, I used to volunteer at local nursing homes. The experience of helping the elderly and caring for them fostered a sense of happiness which would carry through my entire life. When I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Michigan State University, I worked in a fast-paced emergency room. For five years, I was a part of a team that saved many lives. Although this was a rewarding career choice, I found my true calling was still to come, and explored many medical professions before I chose dentistry.

I attended Indiana University, graduating with a DDS degree. Dentistry is the only field in which I could combine my altruistic nature with my artistic and mechanical skills. Using cutting edge technology, I help people of all ages achieve and maintain a healthy smile. I get a true sense of pride knowing my work helps you eat, smile, and live a more beautiful life. I consider myself lucky. Very few people get to love their jobs, and even less get to have a job they are passionate about. My passion comes through in the quality of my work, and the close relationships I foster with my patients.

Why Choose Honest Family Dental?

Honesty IS the best policy. In all human interactions, especially with yourself, being honest is the only way to be. Early in my career, I found my patients to be distrustful of dentists. What is the reason for this lack of trust? It is the lack of patient education which erodes the trust between the Doctor and his patient. Honesty is the foundation of trust. Without it, all relationships will fail. I treat all my patients as I would my parents, my siblings, or my children. I will dedicate myself to educate you, so that we can make educated and appropriate decisions for your oral health.

What I Do in My Off Time?

In my free time you can catch me running, biking, or kayaking on Lady Bird Lake. I love cooking and eating all types of food. I also love to travel. Before I started my practice, I spent seven months backpacking around the world. I visited seventeen countries, ate lots of interesting cuisines, and interacted with a myriad of cultures. One quote I live by is: “Life isn’t a problem to be solved, it’s a mystery to be lived.”

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