Honest Family Dental

Dr. Ameet Trivedi, DDS

Despite, what everyone thinks, I didn’t dream of fixing teeth as a kid. Actually, I wanted to be an airline pilot. Though, as I got older, I found the medical sciences more interesting. After getting my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, I worked for 6 years, in a busy Chicago emergency room. Although this was a rewarding career choice, I found my true calling was yet to come.

Dentistry is the only field in which I could combine my altruistic nature with my artistic and mechanical skills. Using amazing technology, I help my patients achieve and maintain beautiful smiles. I get a true sense of pride knowing my work helps you eat, express your happiness, and live a healthy life.

Very few people love their jobs, and even less have a job they are passionate about. Thankfully, I have both. My love and passion come through in the quality of my work and the relationships I foster with my patients and staff.

You can catch me running, biking, or kayaking on Lady Bird Lake. I love cooking/eating all types of food and traveling (32 countries visited so far!). Also, I make it a point to meet a local dentist in whatever country I’m in. It’s amazing what pearls of wisdom you can learn from other people and cultures.

A quote I live by is: “Life isn’t a problem to be solved, it’s a mystery to be lived.”