Honest Family Dental

Our Philosophy


1. you seek a whole-body integrative approach

If your eyes are the gateway to the soul, your mouth is the gateway to your body. It’s all connected.

2. You want an honest opinion.

People are, generally, distrustful of dentists. The reason? Most dentists don’t take the time to educate nor provide transparency. Here, you see exactly what I do, and I’ll educate you on anything you have questions about. Honesty, education, and compassion are what guides my practice.

3. You deserve the best technology and skills.

I’ve been called the “Tesla of Dentists” because I use the most advanced technologies available. Such as: Lasers (as opposed to drills), fiberglass fillings (as opposed to crowns), ceramic (not metal) implants, digital scanning (not goopy impressions) and ultra-low digital x-rays (no unnecessary radiation). Rest assured; I will always be at the forefront of Dental care.