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Why required? The most common reasons for a crown are to restore lost tooth structure (due to decay, root canals, fractures), cosmetic changes, and implants. The crown material I use is ceramic.  Primarily, because it is the most biocompatible, strongest, and aesthetic option available.

The procedure takes about 1 hr. The tooth is prepared to fit the crown, by removing 0.3-1.5mm of tooth structure in different planes of the tooth. An impression is taken, then sent to my dental lab technician. He meticulously designs the perfect crown to fit your tooth. While we wait about 7-10 days for the crown to be delivered back to us, you will have a temporary crown to protect the tooth.

When diagnosing a tooth for a crown, the % of structurally compromised structure is evaluated.  If less than 75% is compromised, then a fiberglass reinforced filling will be suggested.  Whenever possible I suggest the most conservative treatment option.  If not possible, then a crown is the next best choice. 

Another little dental secret, To offset low fees paid by insurance companies for crowns, many dental offices, understandably, save money by sending their crowns to be fabricated in China, Asia, and Latin America.  Where the quality can NOT be verified.  Lucky for you, I have never done that. My technician is located in S. Austin and uses German ceramic materials I personally approved of.

Please watch the video on crowns below.