Honest Family Dental


Why needed?  You have lost tooth structure, from either tooth decay and/or a fracture, and require it to be replaced.

Will it hurt?  It’s very unlikely you will feel my injection.  Honed over the past 15yrs, I’ve mastered the painless injection technique.  Although, in about 75% of the cases I won’t even have to inject you.  In order to achieve that miraculous feat, I will need to use a groundbreaking technology called the Waterlase dental laser.  It’s painless, fast, and incredibly precise.

A little dental secret I’ll let you in on fillings are one of the most difficult dental procedures to do well.  Achieving a passing to average grade is easy.  Doing them awesome takes time, techniques, and technology that many dentists, unfortunately, don’t care to invest in.  The reason, is simple:  Insurance companies pay the bare minimum for fillings.  So more than likely, you are getting exactly that.  I don’t have the ethical latitude to compromise my work.  So, I just do the absolute best for everyone.

As for filling options, I use only ceramic-based materials. Made by the German company, Voco.  It’s basically the BMW of fillings!

We also provide the option of enhancing the strength and longevity of fillings if needed.  For example, if the area to be filled is too large for a filling to structurally withstand, you will be given the option to do a crown or a fiberglass-reinforced filling (the better option).

Please watch the videos below on cavities, fillings, and painless dentistry.