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TMJ Disorders & Solutions

Your Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is a very complex hinge joint. In mechanics, there are 3 classifications of hinges. Class 1(the best) think “teeter-totter”, Class 2(mid level): scissors, and Class 3(the worst): tweezers and your TMJ. Class 3 hinges breakdown much faster then the other two.

The forces upon your teeth and TMJ are unique, and therefore, your treatment requires custom design elements. Such a TMJ Splint, occlusal equilibration (aka “bite balancing”), and/or orthodontic movement via clear aligners. Though these treatments provide temporary relief from your TMJ symptoms, they’re not permanent solutions. For that, I will evaluate you for the most common, and overlooked reason, airway restriction.

Sleep related breathing disorders (SRB) and upper airway restriction syndrome (UARS) is, most often, why we develop TMD. I have severe TMD and I utilzied all available treatments to no avail, I’m still in pain. I want a permanent solution. This led me to the field of airway-centric dentistry.

At my airway dental courses, I was given an at home sleep study and found out I have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). What?! I’m a healthy and lean 48yr old. Sure, I’m tired all the time, I clench the heck out of my teeth, and I have chronic body aches/pains. I thought that’s normal for my age. Common, yes, normal? No.

My sleep study data was disturbing. I stopped breathing 8 times/night, for 58 seconds/each and my oxygen saturation fell to 88%! So, for 1/3 of my life (which is sleep) I’m literally dying. That’s going to cause a litany of scarey health issues, the least of which is TMD. My medical Dr. said I need CPAP. I already have trouble falling asleep and now I got to strap a torture device to my face?! Absolutely not! I require a better option and a permanent solution.

Thankfully, I found the “Vivos Method”. It treats and cures the main cause of airway restriction. That is, my upper and lower jaws are too far back, thereby impinging my airway when I sleep. The Vivos Method, non surgically and naturally grows my jaws forward and wider, so I can breathe without restriction. Now that I’m certified in this revolutionary treatment, I can help myself and all others who need it. For more information make and appointment with my office for an airway-centric dental evaluation.