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What makes a great dentist?

When you’re looking for a new dentist, you don’t want to blindly choose any one out there. You want to choose one of the best dentists you can find in your area. After all, he or she is going to take care of your mouth and your smile, which ranks high on the list of important things!

If you’re looking for a top dentist in 78704, you can find one at Honest Family Dental. Our practice prides itself on having great service and using state of the art technology to serve your dental needs.

These are just two of the attributes that help to make a great dentist’s office. When you’re shopping around, here are some other things you should look for:

  •         A solid reputation. Before choosing a dentist, do your homework. Search reviews and talk to those in your area. By gathering this information you should be able to determine whether a dentist is right for you.
  •         Easily reachable. When you have an emergency or need to ask a question, you want a dentist you can reach in a reasonable amount of time. In these cases a 24-hour response rate may not cut it.
  •         Listens & does not rush. Some people are apprehensive about going to the dentist and have a lot of questions when they get in the chair. They want and need a dentist who will listen and answer their questions. If your dentist doesn’t give off that vibe, you may want to continue your search.
  •         Cleanliness. Many germs can be transferred through saliva and the mouth. You want an office that is clean and uses sterile equipment. You have every right to ask about cleaning procedures and methods before any service begins.

In Austin, Texas, you can count on Honest Family Dental to meet all of those goals. Whether it’s a standard cleaning or a more invasive procedure, we are here to serve all of your dental needs!

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