Honest Family Dental

Oral Surgery & Implants

Anytime a Doctor cuts body tissues that have nerves and blood vessels within it, you are performing surgery, hence the “DDS” (Dr. of Dental Surgery). The surgeries I perform are many. From fillings and extracting teeth to contouring tissue and placing implants. In all aspects of my surgical skills, I use state-of-the-art techniques and technology to attain the best results.

For example, I use a laser, instead of a scalpel, to gently place implants. This helps to greatly reduce post operative pain and recovery times. I also provide two options for implants: Titanium and Ceramic. The choice comes down to a few key factors that we will go over during your exam. Although, I am well versed in dental surgeries, there are times when I feel you will be best suited to see a specialist. Rest assured, the doctor I refer you to has been personally selected by me, so you will be in very capable hands.