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Teeth Staining Foods To Avoid

We all want a nice set of pearly whites, don’t we? Bright teeth really add to your appearance, confidence and give you a natural inclination to smile more. Sadly, many people today continue to lose that bright, natural shine, largely due to poor oral hygiene. Most cosmetic dentists in Austin agree that the foods we consume can impact not just our oral health but also the color of our teeth.

Certain foods and beverages have a notorious reputation for discoloring your teeth. You need to start with either drastically cutting down on these or eliminating them from your diet altogether. Dr. Ameet Trivedi and most other cosmetic dentists in Austin suggests that you avoid the following foods and drinks whenever you can:

Tea and Coffee

Coffee is America’s favorite drink, with over 83% adults consuming it on a regular basis. Tea is another hot favorite, but unfortunately both these drinks are bad for your teeth, especially if consumed in huge amounts. Both these beverages contain tannins, which causes stains. Their highly acidic profile combined with chromogens make your teeth look yellow. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the tooth’s enamel also erodes over time due to the presence of certain elements in these loved beverages. If you feel that giving up on tea or coffee might mean drastic lifestyle changes, then go ahead and add extra milk in your tea or coffee, which keeps the stains to a minimum.


Drinking too much wine will also stain your teeth. Wine also has a rather high acidic profile as it contains tannins as well as chromogens. Both red and white wines can stain your teeth. Although white wine is mostly clear, due to the high tannins and acid, it attracts other type of stains. For example, wine drinkers are more prone to having their teeth stained, if they consume strawberries, tomatoes and blueberries in conjunction.


Berries do come very highly recommended by nutritionists since they are rich in antioxidants and are very nutritious in general. However, due to their richly colored pigments, they have a high potential to cause stains. Whether eaten whole or consumed through juices, berries have a deep hue that can stain your teeth. Thoroughly rinse your mouth with water after eating berries to combat stains.


Curry’s deep color pigmentation can make your teeth turn  yellow over time. Try to limit consumption and add fresh fruits as well as vegetables like apples, celery, cauliflower and carrots, when having any kind of curry-spiced food. In addition, you should brush your teeth 30 minutes after having curry, to prevent stains.


Excessive sugar intake causes black holes in your teeth, something which is common in children. The bacteria in your mouth feeds off sugar and releases acids which leads to tooth decay, cavities and erodes the enamel.

Sticky or chewy candies are the worst culprits, as they stick to your teeth which is a gateway to bacteria feasting on deposited sugar. Carbonated soft drinks and other soda-laden drinks can also create holes in your teeth.

Maintaining a healthy diet and introducing certain changes in it while practicing good oral hygiene, can prevent tooth stains and preserve your smile.

Moderation is key when it comes to foods and drinks that cause premature tooth decay. For more details on what you should and should not consume, get an appointment with one of the best cosmetic dentists in Austin, Dr. Trivedi at Honest Family Dental. Call (512) 968-7857 today. Dr. Trivedi can also answer any questions related to cosmetic dentistry in Austin.