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That is exactly what you will do when you visit Honest Family Dental, South Austin Dentist, Dr. Ameet Trivedi. Our comfortable office, friendly staff, and compassionate care make you feel at ease the moment you walk into our doors.



Welcome to Honest Family Dental! Dr. Trivedi and the entire staff at Honest Family Dental look forward to being your family dental practice.

Who We Are

Honest Family Dental is a modern Austin dental office offering comfort, convenience, confidence and the latest in dental technology, such as NOMAD X-rays, which emit the least amount of radiation than any other dental imaging equipment. Dr. Trivedi uses the highest quality dental materials, procedures, techniques and equipment to make your dental visit a positive and memorable experience.

What We Do

Dr. Trivedi and Honest Family Dental offer a large range of dental procedures all at one location in South Austin. Our philosophy is to make your dental appointments as seamless and convenient as possible. By offering several dental procedures in house such as Sedation, Implants, Extractions, Root Canals, and Periodontics we are able to maintain a close and personal relationship with our patients!

Why Choose Us

When you come to Honest Family Dental our staff treats you like you are part of our family! Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance and more than anything we want our patients to feel like they are at home and not in a dental chair. We know you have many dentists to choose from and we will do whatever it takes to ensure your dental visit is quality, comfortable and educational.

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Customer Testimonials

by Yanett G. on Honest Family Dental
Finally found my dentist

I have been looking for a dentist since I moved to Austin from Chicago, 2-3 years ago. The entire experience has been great so far, from Christina calling to make sure she had my insurance information and to call back to let me know exactly what my insurance will cover to Margarets calm manner that made me feel at ease through the entire visit. I loved how Dr. Trivedi sat and explained my X-rays and pictures of my teeth. He patiently explained things and made sure I completely understood the process. I also loved being able to watch TV while getting my cleaning. Everyone made me feel welcomed and at ease.

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