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How Preventative Dental Care Can Help You

When we think of dental care, a lot of times we make think of ways to fix things that have already happened. We may want cavities filled, need a tooth removed, require braces or whitening. But the fact of the matter is, a lot of dental hygiene problems can be avoided with preventative dental care and regular work done to ensure any issues that could arise from your oral health do not. Preventative dental care is the way to make sure you’re not getting shots or novocaine or losing a tooth. And at Honest Family Dental, we believe that preventative care is the best way to combat problems later in life.

The Best Part of You is Your Smile

Our biggest rule at Honest Family Dental in Austin, Texas is that we remain honest and transparent with our patients. And that means not trying to sell you over the top procedures that you don’t need. We can tell you without a doubt that the best way to maintain your naturally beautiful smile and the confidence that goes with it is to regularly seek out care for your teeth and make sure the usual preventive measures are in place to keep your mouth healthy.

Get Cleanings

Routine tooth cleanings for children and adults are the #1 way to prevent bigger issues down the line. Teeth cleanings allow for your teeth and gums to be scrubbed free of build up and tartar and also give our dental professionals a chance to look and see the state of your teeth and detect any arising issues.

Examinations and X-Rays

The other great benefit to going in for general cleanings is that we can take x-rays of your teeth to see exactly where you’re at. If we see wisdom teeth ready to come in, we can prepare. If we see some troubling signs in the roots of some teeth, we can do something about it. This is all to make sure you don’t have to sit in a chair later down the road with several tools in your mouth. We want the best comfort for you and your teeth.

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